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Tonon-Laburthe SA
rue du maréchal Foch
64530 Pontacq

This family business has produced quality shoes in France for men and women since 1872.

The firm uses beautiful leather and natural materials (natural hevea soles, vegetable tanning products, etc....).

Aéropole Pyrénées
rue de Bruscos
64230 Sauvagnon

Babybotte SAS was founded 75 years ago and is dedicated to « accompanying children during their growing years », proposing products perfectly adapted to their feet. The company has a civic role in the fields of injury prevention, health and the protection of small children, by informing parents, teachers, day care center personnel and health professionals of the risks to children caused by an inappropriate pair of shoes.

Babybotte shoes are made for children aged 0-3 years who are discovering the world and learning how to walk.

183 A route de Canéjan
33170 Gradignan

Etect is a company ultra-specialized in textiles with technical applications. This company manufactures textile products which are fire, temperature and puncture-resistant.

Their patented 3D technology and knowledge of technical materials led Etect to create a very innovative sole in 3D material and to develop products under its own brand name.

15 avenue Terreblanque
40230 Saint-Vincent-de-Tyrosse

Founded in 1904 in the Landes, this company, which produced only felt and sandals at the time, now makes moccasins and has established complete collections of women’s shoes, including the famous Hirica ballerina shoes.

moulin de Canteret
33290 Blanquefort

This Bordeaux shoe company has existed since 1936. In 2009, MOD8 merged with the children’s department of the Royer Group, n° 1 European shoe maker for selective and mass distribution. It is specialized in high quality shoes for children.

SÉCURITE 24 / pantoufles
Bossi industrie/s24
24490 La Roche Chalais

S.24 is a family business born in the early 80’s in Dordogne, specialized in protective shoes. It has as objective to provide more comfort and safety, while staying in touch with fashion trends.

Secteur Espadrille

The espadrille is a light, colorful sandal that one buys with pleasure every year with the arrival of warm weather. This practical and economical shoe, formerly worn by country folks and workers, adorns itself today with ribbons and decorative motifs and to become the footwear of elegant city dwellers.
The espadrille is made of braided rope and canvas. Originally, the soles were crafted at home. The canvas used in the past was of linen ; whereas now it has been replaced by brightly colored cotton. In order to protect the soles of their espadrilles, country people used to coat it with tar. Today the traditional rope sole is reinforced with rubber.

zone industrielle
64130 Mauléon

In 2010, the Don Quichosse company was given the label « Entreprise du Partrimoine Vivant » (EPV). This label rewards craft or industrial companies whose high performance participates in the spreading of France’s economic and cultural influence.

52 boulevard Gambetta
64130 Mauléon

Megam Création is a company which is specialized in the classic espadrille, and has since developed the « Espadrille Nouvelle Génération » customized with sports club colors, designer creations, and prestige brand names.

64130 Mauléon

Mauléon espadrilles are one-of-a-kind articles, the fruit of the tradition and experience of Basque sandal makers. All of the espadrilles are hand sewn using natural, ecological and biodegradable products such as jute, cotton and leather. The company works with luxury articles that are highly appreciated by the stars of haute couture and the fashion world.
Prodiso also makes tailor-made espadrilles, hand sewn and personalized (the cloth is chosen by the client), for occasions such as : processions, weddings, communions, events both classical and fanciful.

Secteur du chausson / pantoufle /chaussures d’intérieur

24530 Villars

Marquet is a family business created in 1924 that makes pumps, ballerinas, slippers, mules and moccasins in its workshops.

route de Cabaniers
24360 Piégut-Pluviers

Created in 1950 by Jean Petit, the Petit & Cie establishments are among the biggest manufacturers of shoe articles in France, including the famous Charentaises